Case Study

Shahid Increases In-App Subscription Rates via AppSamurai’s DSP



Shahid by MBC GROUP is the world's leading Arabic streaming platform that offers a wide selection of high-quality exclusive TV shows, movies, live TV, sports, kids' content, international content, and more. Shahid features free content and exclusive additional offerings via subscription.



As the leading VOD streaming service in the MENA region, Shahid needed a groundbreaking strategy to stand out in an emerging market. AppSamurai’s main objective was to ensure Shahid reached the right segment of users to maximize their subscriptions, which was the main business goal for successful market expansion. 


 AppSamurai implemented a strong targeting approach to addres Shahid’s chalenges and maximize in-app subscription rates effectively.


Strategic Timing Utilizing DSP:

AppSamurai strategically utilized DSP to pinpoint optimal install timeframes, answering crucial questions such as when and from where users were most likely to install the Shahid app.
Using user behavior patterns, AppSamurai identified peak installation periods, including specific days and hours (dayparting), as well as working hours and content preferences. 

We also pinpointed cities with the highest subscriptions and amplified ad exposure for users in these areas. This approach ensured enhanced visibility and engagement opportunities for our target audience.

Source-Based Targeting and Tailored Creatives:

Source-based targeting was employed to customize ads based on the demographics and interests of the audience. Using this approach, AppSamurai delivered tailored creatives to specific user segments.
In addition, AppSamurai categorized creatives based on their content and audience relevance, ensuring advertisements resonate with their target demographics. 

Additionally, niche creatives were deployed during seasonal events, like football matches, to capitalize on user engagement opportunities.




Comparison between Q4’23 and Q1’24

28 %
Activation Rate
45 %
Transaction Rate


As a result of AppSamurai's strategic implementation of targeted advertising solutions, Shahid saw substantial improvements in key performance metrics. Shahid witnessed a remarkable 46% increase in subscription rates on iOS platforms, indicating a substantial uptick in user conversions and revenue generation. 

Additionally, the registration rate surged by an impressive 47% on iOS, highlighting the effectiveness of the tailored advertising approach in driving user engagement and platform adoption. 

On the Android front, Shahid experienced a 77% increase in installs and volume, showing the success of AppSamurai's strategies in expanding Shahid's user base and market reach within the competitive ecosystem of the MENA region.