Case Study

Unico Studio Achieves 125% ROAS via AppSamurai's Rewarded Playtime Campaign by generating AdRevenue & In-App Purchases


Unico Studio

Having published over 30 puzzle games since 2018, Unico’s popular title, ‘Zen Life’ is one of the most popular puzzle games with 500K+ downloads and MAU of 100K+ across iOS & Android platforms.


With eCPMs rising across the AdTech ecosystem, acquiring quality users with higher LTVs has been a challenge. To overcome this, AppSamurai’s in-house team of Growth Consultants created a strategy for Unico Studios by leveraging the Rewarded Playtime (Play-2-Earn) campaign type to acquire engaged users who are likely to invest their time in exchange for rewards.

The team of consultants optimized the campaign strategy according to different audience segments, managed the offers given to players, and aimed to achieve increased LTVs over time.


After successfully growing in the EU market, when the delivery app entered the US market, it needed to expand its user base quickly and efficiently, to capture the market by acquiring new users in New York, Boston, and Chicago. They partnered with AppSamurai to implement a comprehensive app growth campaign. By leveraging programmatic placements on DSPs, we planned an app growth strategy, enabling the client to target the right audience with the right creative sets, highlighting their products of interest to draw attention & onboard them to their delivery service.

In addition to this, we also planned App Discovery (OEM) campaigns to ensure scale by targeting Samsung devices and pre-installing the app in brand-new devices.

Learn more about how App Discovery works here



By utilizing the power of non-intrusive Rewarded Playtime campaigns, Unico Studios achieved a ROAS of 125% with players having higher LTVs, and also contributing to an added 15% revenue growth via In-App Purchases, on top of the revenue generated from in-app ads.

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