Case Study

AppSamurai For Games

Acquire ROAS-positive users to increase lifetime value, engagement and generate more ad revenue


Guaranteed ROAS positive campaign structure to minimize the risk of user acquisition.

In-house expertise in campaign planning by leveraging multiple ad placements with AI-backed optimization.

75 %
of the acquired users completed multiple in-game tasks
200 %
ROAS Gained
50 K+
Qualified Users Acquired
40 K+
Sessions for Higher LTV
25 %
Improvement in D2 Retention Rate

ROAS-Positive Campaigns
for Gaming Apps

Rewarded Engagement Campaigns

Motivate your users to complete actions and play more,leading to a guaranteed positive ROAS!
Users from Rewarded Engagements exhibit high LTV,as users get invested in games shown on Offerwals

Rewarded Playtime Campaigns

Rewarded playtime campaigns, also called play-to-earn campaigns, are designed to acquire new users and increase engagement by rewarding them for their playtime. The more users play, the more they earn!
Maximized Ad Revenue + Higher LTV = Positive ROAS