Case Study

Delivery App Reaches 9.8x ROI and Increases Installs to Order Rates with AppSamurai


A mobile delivery app that brings m-commerce, logistics, and a chat system together. Given the fierce competition among these kinds of mobile apps, it is crucial to acquire active users who regularly place orders and make use of other features, like the chat platform, in this instance. With the assistance of AppSamurai, achieving this will almost certainly result in the customer experiencing high order rates and ROI.


As a one-stop shop, AppSamurai offers a range of performance marketing strategies to the brands to assist them in reaching their most desired end users at the right time, to ensure a higher LTV. A precise & well-timed performance campaign was implemented with this challenge in mind to help this Delivery app reach new heights.



By leveraging programmatic placements on a guaranteed performance basis, the concluding results of this campaign improved both the total install-to-order rate and total install-to-first-order rates parallel to DAU and MAU rates. ROI increased by 9.8x– due to a highly engaged audience that was acquired by precise demographic targeting.

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