Case Study

The Robust Mobile Growth Journey of Domino’s While Working with AppSamurai


The digital channels of Domino’s, led by its mobile app, have seen constant growth because of the brand’s heavy investments. With the pandemic hitting hard the physical presence of restaurants, the mobile growth for Domino’s became even more important. AppSamurai has been one of the key partners of the digital growth journey of Domino’s for more than three years now, and our rich, vast inventory has become a great fit for Domino’s growth needs.


As Domino’s investments in other digital platforms reached a stalemate, the AppSamurai User Acquisition Platform was exactly what Domino’s was seeking due to its large pool of resources and targeting capabilities, real-time optimization engine, and dedicated team of mobile growth experts. Following a brief, a campaign plan was created and launched on the platform to increase weekly ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) ratios.



We accomplished amazing results together, thanks to our optimization engine, install-to-event alarms according to the KPIs, and constant communication with the Domino’s team, collecting their feedback and taking whitelisting actions. Compared to the beginning of the year, Domino’s has achieved:
  • ARPU increased by 35%+, while providing 3 times more new users monthly on average,
  • A total ROI amounting to a whopping 1372.4% by EOY ’21!
  • Click-to-Install rates increased by 3 times & install-to-register rates by 5.5 times on average on a monthly basis,
  • Monthly cohort revenue by 3 times on average, and
  • MAU every month by 4.5 times on average.

Beril Savuri (Digital Product Manager at Domino’s Turkey):
“As the pandemic became the norm of our lives, the growth in mobile was even more important for us this year. With vast targeting options, increasing levels of optimizations, and always hands-on customer service and support, AppSamurai was exactly what we were looking for, and indeed, we have achieved great results together! We value AppSamurai as our strategic partner and look forward to continuing our partnership together in earnest.”

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