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Paperclip Triumphs with AppSamurai to Increase Daily Active Users by 250%


Paperclip is a UK-based trading app that lets users buy, sell, and swap.

In 2006, Rich and Alan met at Imperial College London and ended up housemates. After graduating in 2011, both embarked on management consulting careers at Atkins and Accenture. In June 2014, Rich left his job in management consulting and pitched Paperclip at the London Startup Weekend held at Google Campus. The origins concept for Paperclip was “tinder for swapping items”, which came second overall.

In August 2014, VDM Capital invested some pre-seed money to build an MVP and development began on Android. Alan started working with Rich while working full time. In April 2015, the MVP was completed on Android and the founders decided to expand Paperclip into a full-blown marketplace for buying, selling, swapping and free cycling locally. Talented designer Steve Roberts comes onboard and started designing the v1.0 release.

In October 2015, Paperclip v1.0 went live on Android and iPhone and quickly reached over 30,000 downloads with the help of AppSamurai campaigns.

In February 2016, Paperclip closed seed round to build upon their early success and develop v2.0, which is due for release in January 2017.

Their Success Story with AppSamurai

After their launch on October 2015, Paperclip started to seek a smart and measured solution in order to increase their daily downloads. This was the beginning of our story together. In order to meet their need for aggressive growth, Paperclip started to use AppSamurai.


A Since then, they have increased their organic uplift by 210%, increased their daily active users (DAU) by 250%, and increased their category ranking (in Shopping category) by 2.5X! This has led to them being featured on the App Store on four occasions, reaching the top 20 of the UK app charts on a number of occasions.


In October 2016, Paperclip reached over 100,000 downloads on Android and iPhone!

"AppSamurai have been instrumental in reaching the top charts for our app, Paperclip, on both App Store and Play Store. They have helped in every aspect of user acquisition, from strategy planning and campaign execution through to post-campaign results analysis. We were even recently featured on App Store as a result of AppSamurai’s good work!"

Rich Woolley - CEO, Paperclip

It was More than User Acquisition!

After starting using AppSamurai dashboard effectively, thanks to their amazing app, Rich and Alan got more than increasing user acquisition. We tracked important engagement metrics too in order to be sure that everything is going well and the results was satisfactory enough.

We observed a 66% increase in average daily messages, 130% of growth in daily uploaded items, and 123% of increase in daily registrations!


What is next?

As you can see from the stats above, since partnering with AppSamurai, Paperclip has made some amazing gains. For more information about our collaboration with Paperclip, you can visit this page.

Paperclip will next release version 2.0 with over 125,000 downloads in January 2017, and has recently completed a further round of funding to implement revenue streams with v2.0 throughout 2017 and secure their market position as the top U.K. Marketplace app!

Although Paperclip has recently completed another investment round, there is still an opportunity to invest in this fast growing company. Currently, customer service is done by everybody in the team, but because of the rapidly growing user-base, they’d like to bring in a dedicated customer support specialist to deal with user queries. As such, there is currently a crowdfunding campaign live on Angel’s Den – it’s filling up quickly though so get in while you still can! You can find the project here.

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