Case Study

How AppSamurai Acquired Qualified Users for PODERcard


PODERcard is a finance app that operates like a bank without monthly fees to allow its users to manage their money. Targeting the continental United States, PODERcard was expecting to narrow its audience down to the Latino community (for which it was built). Given the challenges of targeting a niche demographic within a targeted GEO, PODERcard sought help from AppSamurai. 


A user acquisition platform boasting over 100 different ad sources spanning tens of thousands of different app placements, including exclusive inventory from mobile partners like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi to name a few, AppSamurai was the one-stop shop for PODERcard’s user acquisition needs. AppSamurai’s auto-optimization engine, targeting capabilities, and experienced campaign management team were instrumental in the process. The plan was to run user acquisition campaigns with the conversion point being a complete and successful account creation. 



AppSamurai has thus far successfully helped capture 20,000 users who have created accounts and actively use the app. Meanwhile, over 83,000 tutorial completions have been achieved from a total of 81,500 users who installed the app. App analytics tools show that PODERcard has seen a sharp and constant increase in DAU by 336% and a 220% increase in MAU in this quarter alone.

PODERcard and AppSamurai continue to maintain mobile marketing activities together to ensure the sustainable growth of the brand.

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