Case Study

How AppSamurai Helped a Streaming App Maximize Their Paid Users


An online streaming app that has 2000+ hours of content. Our main focus for this case was to acquire qualified users, and increase the sign-up rate of free trials, and subscription rates.


The main task was to boost the sign-up rate for free trials and enhance user acquisition, however there was a catch: in order to sustain the app's value over time, AppSamurai’s main challenge was to convert the free trials into subscriptions. With accurate targeting and optimization tactics with programmatic buying, AppSamurai went above and beyond with this campaign. In addition to achieving this objective, we also supported the overall performance in terms of volume and conversion with efficient push notifications and other engagement-boosting offerwall methods.



Being a one-stop-shop, AppSamurai supported the streaming app with a comprehensive take on the campaign. Qualified users were targeted, acquired, and successfully navigated to engage to enliven the app.

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